Goon Squad Attacks Bear Mountain Rally

Fri, 29 Feb 2008

Construction workers throw a math professor to the ground. Video still from CHEK news

This week, Bear Mountain contractors organized a “welcoming party” for folks rallying against the interchange. Around 200 men (and two women) showed up to our small rally Friday. It was a lovely gesture but somehow we forgot to get their names and addresses to send thank-you notes. Please help by forwarding this message to all your friends!

It’s great to see all these fine Bear Mountain employees engaging in “a free and open exchange of views” and “dialogue and democracy.”. We would like to thank these gentlemen (and ladies) for bringing so much attention to the cause!

This past week was proclaimed Anti-Bullying Week, and the RCMP would like to commend the upstanding citizens who came out Friday for their commitment to human rights, free speech, and defusing conflict. Those involved in Friday’s event can visit the West Shore RCMP station on Atkins Road in Langford or call 474-2264 for a personal commendation and thanks for presenting such an excellent example to young people.

We realize some of these heroes may be too modest to step forward, and that’s why we are asking folks in Langford and nearby to take a look at the videos linked below. Every one of these samaritans deserves public recognition! And since they are not camera-shy, their faces are up on Youtube for everyone in the world to view. We already know several of these individuals, but we are asking for help to identify the rest, so we can invite them to our next party!

Listen and watch – if you dare …

Raw video – 6 minutes
(Warning: foul and abusive language)

Thanks to Stimulator for the invaluable technical assistance!



Do you recognize any of these people? Tell us who they are – we would like to invite them to our next party!

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