Zoe Blunt (far right) with Caravan volunteers, Unis'tot'en Camp, August 2012.

Zoe Blunt (far right) with Caravan volunteers, Unis’tot’en Camp, August 2012.

Career highlights
Volunteers trained: 2000+
Funds raised since 2012: $120,000+

Dedicated to grassroots organizing for indigenous and eco-feminist solidarity. Offers of mutual aid welcome.

Call or text anytime 250-813-3569

Founder and director of Forest Action Network

Founder of the House of Solidarity, Anti-Racist Action Victoria, and Women Fight Back.

Accomplished fundraiser, trainer, public speaker, writer, editor, community organizer, litigant, and campaigner.

Non-profit experience: Pivot Legal Society, Greenpeace, Canadian Red Cross, Wilderness Committee

Coordinator of the Caravan to Unist’ot’en Camp (2012-2016)

My work appears in Canadian Dimension, Focus Magazine, Dominion, People’s Voice, Adbusters, Common Ground, Counterpunch, and the Warrior Poets Society

Planet Green once said I’m one of the top “Ten Inspirational Women Fighting for a Better Planet.”

          Consult with me about:

  • Direct action strategies
  • Fundraiser training and development
  • Community responses to racism, misogyny, and violence
  • Writing, editing, and media relations
  • Public speaking
  • Finding legal help


Youtube: Mini-workshops for Protectors

Listen: Zoe Blunt on Talking Radical Radio

Listen: Zoe Blunt on Resistance Radio

Zoe Blunt on subMedia

Thank you!

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One Response to Community

  1. Bear_Code

    Greetings. I can feel the fresh air on this site thanks. I’ve been getting active here in Chilliwack and organized a protest at MP Mark Strahl’s office yesterday at noon concerning Chuck Strahl lobbying for Enbridge and the BC gov while being chair of the Canadian Security Intelligence Services Review Committee (SIRC) and CSIS.

    This sort of behaviour is unacceptable for many of us in BC. I ended up here at your site because there is a war brewing, and I’m going to be a part of it. I hope to make some contacts and good friends. I use twitter as my source media under @webwildink . Peace to all, and lets all prepare for what is in our hearts.

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